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I have something to say PLUS I was wrong

Week in Review | Bonus tip for iPhone 15 owners

Business Athlete Nation,

We鈥檙e wrapping up another week in the lab with three things on my mind:

  1. Reminder to iPhone 15 owners to turn on your spatial video button. It will be helpful down the road when the Apple Vision Pro headset comes out.

  2. I was wrong about Artifact. The app I was so excited about and endorsed is shutting down.

  3. Remote worker discrimination is rampant in the corporate world, and I鈥檓 sharing my two cents on that.

Enjoy the show!

See you on Monday. :)


馃憠馃徎 The Week in Review is below for any episodes you may have missed during the week

Saturday | 1.13.24

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Friday | 1.12.24

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Thursday | 1.11.24

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Wednesday | 1.10.24

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Tuesday | 1.9.24

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Monday | 1.8.24

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