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How Cub L_E_A_D_E_R can change your life

A conversation with a Club Leader | CJ STEWART | Episode #154

Keith Bilous welcomes CJ Stewart, who shares his journey through music, leadership, and coaching.

They discuss CJ's mission to support Black boys in baseball, his leadership philosophy, and how he teaches discipline and work ethic.

The episode highlights overcoming personal flaws and the historical significance of baseball for African Americans.

Key Points

  • Leadership is about meeting expectations and going beyond the ordinary to achieve excellence.

  • The Negro Leagues' recognition as Major League Baseball underscores the long-overdue acknowledgment of Black athletes' contributions to the sport.

  • Surrounding oneself with people who uplift and challenge you is crucial, and avoiding "stupid" decisions can prevent life-altering consequences.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Guest Announcement

  • 01:04 Viral Moments and Interview Highlights

  • 01:29 Music and Personal Stories

  • 04:02 Leadership and Positivity

  • 07:53 Starstruck Moments and Baseball Memories

  • 14:16 The Calling and Creation of LEAD

  • 25:43 Introduction to Programming and Tennis Initiatives

  • 26:04 Family Involvement and Personal Anecdotes

  • 26:57 Philosophies on Stupidity and Struggle

  • 28:54 Living with Purpose and Core Values

  • 32:57 ADHD and Personal Routines

  • 44:11 Historical Impact of Negro Leagues in Baseball

  • 53:04 Concluding Thoughts and Reflections

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