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Discover the Impact of AI in Human Connection

Plus Junuary Resolutions | JERRY MACNAMARA | Episode #155

Keith Bilous and guest Jerry MacNamara discuss personal stories related to music, the impact of AI on humanity, and Keith's morning show updates.

They delve into January resolutions, Jerry's business philosophy, leadership lessons from technical challenges, teaching kids through life experiences, the trend of human connection in the AI era, and the importance of curiosity and lifelong learning.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Opening Remarks

  • 01:54 Technical Difficulties and Live Show Challenges

  • 04:27 Jerry McNamara's Background and Achievements

  • 12:36 The Family Adventure: Selling the House and Traveling

  • 17:31 Reflections on the Journey and Lessons Learned

  • 23:53 Morning Routines and Adaptability

  • 24:35 The Importance of Locationless Elements

  • 25:40 The Science of Waking Up

  • 27:21 Purpose and Intention in Life

  • 28:02 The Last Macro Cultural Place

  • 28:48 Creation Over Consumption

  • 30:07 Introducing a New Evening Routine

  • 31:58 Proven Chaos and the Golden Touch

  • 36:21 The Four C's of Leading

  • 39:54 The Rise of Micro Communities

  • 48:39 Future Macro Cultural Moments

  • 52:39 Concluding Thoughts and Reflections

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