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Fearless Talk: Navigating Capital and Cannabis with Seth Yakatan

Mastering the Art of Business Pitches | SETH YAKATAN | Episode #157

Keith Bilous is joined by Seth Yakatan to discuss the significance of clear communication in raising capital, share personal stories of growth and partnership, and explore the future of cannabis and federal reform.

They touch on the importance of full commitment to projects and preview upcoming guests and topics.

Key Points

  • Effectively communicating your vision to investors and gatekeepers is crucial for raising capital and selling your business.

  • Understanding the complexities of due diligence and earnouts can significantly impact the success of your business transactions.

  • Embracing a mindset of allowing rather than forcing opportunities can lead to more organic and successful business relationships.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Today's Agenda

  • 00:35 Meet the Hosts: Keith and Seth

  • 01:17 Juniory: Reflect and Reclaim Your Resolutions

  • 02:17 Introducing Seth Yakatan: The Billion-Dollar Man

  • 03:15 The Importance of Due Diligence in Business

  • 06:06 Seth's Journey: From Grad School to Raising Millions

  • 12:21 The Serendipity of Raising Capital

  • 16:26 Personal Growth and Professional Success

  • 29:34 Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • 36:09 Introduction to Due Diligence and Earnouts

  • 37:05 Understanding the Investor's Perspective

  • 39:42 The Reality of Due Diligence

  • 43:59 Common Objections During Due Diligence

  • 49:33 Navigating Earnouts

  • 56:40 Final Thoughts and Reflections

  • 01:06:32 Closing Remarks and Future Plans

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