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He Lost His Arm in a Combat IED Attack, But That Didn't Stop Him

The Inspirational Journey of Rich Ingram | RICH INGRAM | Episode #150

Hey Nation,

I had the pleasure of chatting with Rich Ingram. His journey from losing an arm in a combat IED attack to becoming a successful keynote speaker and endurance athlete is a powerful testament to resilience and determination.

His story is truly inspiring.

From Combat to Comeback

Rich's military career changed forever on July 20, 2005, when he was severely injured by an IED in Iraq. Losing an arm could have been a devastating setback, but Rich didn't let it define him. He faced the challenge head-on, showing an unbreakable spirit that carried him through his recovery and beyond.

Redefining Resilience

Rich shared a pivotal moment from when he woke up in Baghdad and realized the extent of his injuries. He felt devastated, struggling with the loss of his arm and his combat career. But with his family's support, especially his mother bringing him a fly fishing rod, his will to persevere was reignited. This gesture reminded him that life could still be full and meaningful.

Embracing a New Path

Transitioning from soldier to civilian was tough for Rich. He faced many emotional and physical challenges during his rehabilitation at Walter Reed Medical Center. However, his dedication to fitness and endurance sports gave him a new purpose. Signing up for the Army 10 Miler and joining a triathlon team were key moments that showed he could overcome any obstacle.

Leadership and Motivation

Rich’s journey is about more than just physical endurance; it’s about mental and emotional resilience too. His experiences have turned him into a motivational speaker, inspiring others to overcome their own challenges. Through endurance sports and leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies, Rich leads by example, proving that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Supporting Veterans

Rich is currently training for the Leadville 100, a tough 100-mile race in the Colorado mountains. He's using this challenge to raise funds for Warriors and Quiet Waters, an organization that helps veterans through therapeutic outdoor experiences.

A True Business Athlete

Rich embodies the spirit of a business athlete—applying the discipline, resilience, and endurance of sports to his professional and personal life. His journey reminds us that no matter the obstacles, with determination and a strong support network, we can achieve greatness.

Thank you for joining us. If Rich’s story inspired you, share your thoughts and support his journey. Let’s keep pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible.

Until next time, stay strong, stay motivated, and never stop believing in your potential.


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