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How to Achieve Success and Gain Visibility on LinkedIn

Your Guide to LinkedIn Success | KAREN YANKOVICH | Episode #153

In this episode, Keith Bilous chats with Karen Yankovich about her mission and perspective on the gender wage gap, her podcast "Good Girls Get Rich", and the power of social media.

They discuss LinkedIn's authenticity, personal branding in 2024, and the hustle culture in business.

Key Points

  • Karen Yankovich emphasizes the importance of a strong personal brand on LinkedIn to stand out in a noisy online world and attract big opportunities.

  • Utilizing AI can enhance personal productivity and allow for more human interaction, such as spending less time on post-production and more on engaging with the audience.

  • Hustle culture can be toxic if it leads to burnout, but strategic and intentional bursts of hustle are necessary to build a business engine that eventually operates without constant direct involvement.


  • 0:00 Introduction and Keith Bilous's experience with live broadcasting

  • 1:19 Music discussion and conversation about personal journeys

  • 2:13 Introduction to guest, Karen Yankovich

  • 3:03 Cultural differences and brotherly love discussion

  • 4:21 Karen Yankovich's work, mission, and perspective on gender wage gap

  • 8:35 Introduction to Karen Yankovich's podcast, Good Girls Get Rich

  • 12:09 Karen Yankovich's journey and the power of social media

  • 25:44 The authenticity and effectiveness of LinkedIn as a business platform

  • 39:44 Post-production challenges and the importance of personal branding in 2024

  • 52:02 Discussion on hustle culture and building a business engine

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