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Meet the King of Clean Portable Toilets

Celebrating Consistency and Cleanliness | DAVID SAUSERS | Episode #158

Keith Bilous and David Sauers discuss the impact of AI and technology on entrepreneurship.

David shares insights from his portable toilet business, including challenges, sacrifices, and scaling.

They explore legal hurdles, future industry trends, and offer final thoughts with contact info for Royal Restrooms.

Key Points

  • Entrepreneurship involves significant sacrifices and a relentless commitment to excellence in order to build trust and scale a business.

  • The sanitation industry, often overlooked, presents substantial opportunities for growth, especially when approached with a focus on cleanliness, quality, and customer experience.

  • Adapting to changing customer expectations and market demands, such as the shift towards managed sanitation services at large events, is crucial for sustained business success.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Morning Routine

  • 00:07 Consistency in Business

  • 00:30 The Importance of Clean Facilities

  • 00:57 Climbing Kilimanjaro: A Personal Story

  • 01:26 David Sauer's Business Journey

  • 04:13 Entrepreneurial Challenges and Rewards

  • 16:59 The Birth of Royal Restrooms

  • 21:58 The Accidental Franchise Journey

  • 23:29 Legal Challenges and Lessons Learned

  • 25:32 Targeting the Right Market

  • 26:50 Building a Sustainable Business

  • 33:17 Adapting to Market Changes

  • 39:26 Future Predictions and Innovations

  • 43:47 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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