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This is HARD!

To anyone looking to give up—this message is for you.

Staying committed to achieving your goals is f*cking hard!

No wonder so many people fail at it.

I can see why so many people stop showing up.

Why they quit.

It’s difficult to stay motivated day in and day out.

Because it’s up and down.

No results…

Some results…

More results…

And just when you get excited?

No results again…

Rinse. Repeat. Again.

And again.

It’s easy to see all the results of a successful creator, solopreneur, entrepreneur, athlete, or business leader and ask yourself why you can’t be successful.

The fame. The numbers. The adulation from others.

They’re inspiring.

They’re also infuriating if you don’t get similar results.

But what you don’t see, what you don’t consider, is all the hours of hard work those creators have put in when no one noticed or paid attention.

“Overnight success” doesn’t happen overnight.

You may wake up one day and see a new star creator or entrepreneur or business leader taking the world by storm.

But for that creator, “one day” didn’t just happen magically.

It took effort.



I know. Because I am doing it too—again.

I’ve also done it before, bootstrapping my first company to a $50MM exit.

But you know what?

The secret ingredient remains the same whether you’re doing it for the first, second, or 100th time.

It’s accountability.

That’s it. That’s all you need.

Looking for an accountability partner who can help you push through so you don’t give up?

I can help.

I always show up.


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