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Hey Athlete, do you want to get Stronger and be Safer?

Of course you do. This episode is for you..

Hey BAPL Nation,

Today I am dropping the first in a series BAPL Blocks from a fascinating conversation I recently had with dentist, inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Michael Hutchinson.

He is the inventor of the Power Plus Mouthguard.

This is no ordinary mouthguard that we have been conditioned to seeing our athletes use over the years or have hanging from their mouths.

No. this mouthguard is designed differently. Very differently.

It has a purpose more than just to protect your mouth. It is designed to:

  1. Improve strength

  2. Reduce risk of concussion

Our conversation was fascinating. Dr. Hutchinson has a story to tell about his company and his product and he needs a place to have it told.

The mouthguard our kids - and the pros - use today don’t actually work.

They are simply a product of human behaviour and an industry that says to all of us, “we have always done it this way, so why should we change

Dr. Michael Hutchinson is a visionary who is trying to do just that.

Change an industry.

We spoke for over 90 minutes.

I decided that in order to give our conversation and his solution the space it was deserved to tell the story, we would split the PowerPlus Mouthguard story into several bapl BLOCKs of content.

Today we are focused on meeting the man behind the mouthguard - Dr. Michael Hutchinson.

…As I was writing the post for today’s episode with Dr. Michael Hutchinson, it donned on me that I simply needed to share this passage from our conversation so you can get sense of today’s discussion:

Keith ~ I've asked the question many times of people who they are and how they get there and what's been the aha moment.

And I don't know if ever, if I've ever had an answer from a guest or from who said to me that the aha moment was from a forearm with a glove on it up a cow's rear end, which turned the light on for me, which was that, nope, I'm not doing that in my life.

Michael ~ Yeah. I've seen a lot of cows be milled. I schlepped a lot of manure out of my grandpa's farm.

I've bailed hay, I've done everything, but there's just no way I'm going to insert my arm halfway up a cow.

Keith ~ Oh, the pivotal moments we have in our in our life, Dr. Michael Hutchinson.

So now you so now you reside in Traverse City, Michigan. You golf three days a week, you work halftime three days a week, and you're just living your father's dream now, Dr. Michael.

Michael ~ Not exactly. Never really turned out to be true.

Tomorrow we will drop the next part in the Dr. Michael Hutchinson PowerPlus Mouthguard collection and continue to introduce you to this exciting peice of technology that was created to make us stronger and safer.


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