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Learning a Very Important Lesson

Part 5 | Dr. Michael Hutchinson | Episode #64

Hey Bapl Nation,

We wrap up the week with a lesson.

A business lesson.

It’s a lesson that would likely seem obvious when you reflect on it—but that’s how it goes with the best lessons in life.

I learned a very important lesson that people don't change their comfort zone unless there's data to show that a change must be made.

Dr. Michael Hutchinson

What does that mean?

Watch today’s video to find out. It’s worth it.

Join me for the final Dr Hutchinson Bapl Block where we conclude his journey of the creation of the Powerplus Mouthguard and talk about what’s next for Dr. Michael.

I love meeting people like this.

Determined entrepreneurs.

Disruptors of industries

Humans determined to change the world.

I root for people like this.

But I’ve never used the product, so I can’t endorse it.

And no, Dr. Hutchinson did not pay me for these posts either.

He’s just an incredibly interesting human I wanted to meet, chat with, and learn from.

If you’re an athlete or have athletic friends and loved ones, go check out Powerplus Mouthguard.

It can’t be worse than what we’re using today, right?


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