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Introducing "it" - the mouthguard that is changing everything

Part 2 | Dr. Michael Hutchinson | Episode #64

Hey fellow bapletes,

…continuing from our first part in this series with Dr. Michael Hutchinson from Power Plus Mouthguard, we are introduced to the mouthguard that is changing everything.

Let me explain from this excerpt from the show:

So let me help the audience through perhaps my words and description. And you can correct or confirm along the way.

So what we're talking about here is you have a series of mouth guards and you have, one here I'm looking at right now in front of me it's 2, 000. It's a professional custom fitted mouth guard. And what you're saying, Dr. Michael, is that with that mouth guard in my mouth. Custom fitted.

It takes the energy from the force of impact and helps move that energy into the physiological space in my mouth around that mouth guard to diminish the impact and diminish the chances of concussion. Did I articulate that correctly for the audience?

(Yeah, well done. (Dr. Michael Hutchinson, Michael)


Part 1:

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