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Within your Mouth is a Competitive Edge

Part 4 | Dr. Michael Hutchinson | Episode #64

Dr. Michael Hutchinson from Power Plus Mouthguard continues with me in part 4 of our conversation.

We get right down to brass tacks in this part and it starts with this:

My athletes, my coaches, my strength coaches, my fitness leaders out there listening and we are saying to them, I'm saying to them, I'm selling this on your behalf right now.

I'm saying to you guys. You need to talk to Dr. Michael and I want you to correct me if I'm wrong with what I'm saying now. So I'm going to do a little bit of role play with you here. So gentlemen, you got to talk to Dr. Michael for two reasons, two reasons alone. You're going to be stronger and you're going to prevent a high likelihood of concussion with this mouth guard.

Am I correct?


and then it ends with this:

So what you're telling me then, is that if you're an elite athlete, you want to go to see Dr. Michael, get your teeth scanned, your mouth scanned, because within your mouth is a competitive edge.


Enjoy the episode.


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