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Tip of the Week & Another Week in Review | Episode #60

This tip will change your life in the coming months if you do it now...

Another week of entertainment, inspiration, and great energy has come and gone here in the Lab. This is your Week in Review update.

But first…

I’ve got a helpful tip for those of you with the latest Apple iPhone.

Watch the video at the top of the page (only 2.34 minutes) to see what it’s about.

💡 Tip of the Week: Turn on the ‘Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro’ tab inside your camera settings. The video explains why this will change your life in the coming months.

💥 That’s it.

You have now effectively affected your future in an awesome way.

But you will not realize that simple setting’s value until the Apple Vision Pro comes out. When it does, you can come to the Lab and thank your friendly Chief Baplete.

You’re welcome.

Here in the Lab, we embrace tech, because these innovations are going to enhance the human experience in unimaginable ways.

Food for thought:

Like time, innovation never stands still. It’s happening. You can’t stop its development any more than you can stop the next week, month, or year from happening. Embrace it, or get left behind. It’s as simple as that.

Moving on…

Here is a quick recap of what you missed this week in the Business Athlete Performance Lab.

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous

Our flagship show had the following guests on this week along with some enlightening monologue from Keith Bilous.

On Monday, Malcolm Lemmons from the Hype Report dropped by to talk tech, sports, business, and transitioning from being an athlete to a business guy.

Curious about what it takes to start your own newsletter? Check out the interview with Malcolm:

On Tuesday, JP Vigier sat down with my co-host, Dale Weise, for our weekly After the Buzzer segment, where we chat with former athletes about the realities of transitioning from sports to ‘normal life’.

JP is a former NHLer with an interesting story not of ambition, but of genuine passion for the game of hockey. While most pro athletes plan to enter the big leagues, JP’s entrance into the NHL came unexpectedly.

His story is as intriguing as it sounds, so be sure to watch our special 5-part collection called The Farmboy.

Wednesday, JM Ryerson joined me in the Lab for an immersive chat about accountability and its role in personal and professional fulfillment.

Hey highlights from our conversation:

  • How a promise to his kids triggered the ‘aha’ moment for JM to pivot his career.

  • JM’s take on how to choose an accountability buddy.

  • We talked about the trap over overcommitment and its hold on people’s lives.

  • A conversation about the power of daily routines, mindset, and the importance of self-care in achieving accountability and personal growth​​.

  • Tips on structuring your day for success.

We will publish this episode in the coming week, so stay tuned.

“I am the energy. I desire to show up. I am the energy I want to attract in this world. So I own this, right? If I want positivity in my world, I am going to be that energy.”
—JM Ryerson

Introducing the Accountability Company

In this Live in the Lab session, I shared details about the Business Athlete Performance Lab and what we can do for you to help you achieve your Next.

  • We’re the Accountability Company, and our goal is simple: we want to help you reach your goals, whatever they are.

  • How? By keeping you accountable.

Check out the full episode for the details:

We talked about the value of having memberships and subscriptions, and introduced the Business Athlete Performance Lab Membership.

But before you sigh or roll your eyes, thinking, “Another membership? Seriously?”

I invite you to check out our post. It’s an eye opener, and I guarantee there’s no membership out there like ours.

This is the one that’s going to unlock the value of all your other subscriptions. It’s that powerful.


I love the Lab, so I couldn’t resist doing an impromptu show, which turned into an engaging narrative where we explored the upcoming week’s guests and talked about current events.


  • Shared my two cents on how holidays, especially Christmas, have become all about spending. I'm advocating for more meaningful experiences over just buying stuff.

  • Delved into how technology is evolving, especially in video formats and VR. Expect immersive experiences to be the next big thing!

  • Discussed how platforms like TikTok are influencing content creation. I predict a swing back to longer-form content soon.

  • Opened up about how fitness and hitting the gym have been crucial for my personal accountability.

  • I had a candid moment discussing the importance of social proof today. I shared my personal decision to step away from social media seven or eight years ago. This break was a significant step for me, allowing me to focus on real-life connections and being present in the moment.

  • A deep, entertaining dive into the concept of accountability.

Check out the show here:

And finally…

We’ve got some content in the queue that we’re eager to get to you soon.

Here’s a sneak peek:

I recently sat down in the Lab with Canadian Football League All-Star and exceptional human being, Adam Bighill. He joined me for a conversation about being a dual pro football player AND business person at the same time.

This is a conversation you guys will want to hear.

We are feverishly putting the finishing touches up on that one and will release it in the coming days. Watch for it in your inbox.

Until next time, Nation, thank you for your time. I appreciate every one of you.



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