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The Value of a Membership | Episode #58

What does value mean to you?

Hey fellow Bapletes.

How many memberships do you have?

Have you ever paused and thought about it?

Maybe you don’t do memberships. Maybe you have subscriptions. How many of those do you have?

Now, be honest: What do you get from those memberships or subscriptions?

Do you ever question the value you’re getting from them?

Subscriptions are easy traps to step into—it’s those small monthly fees and big promises; the anticipation of the return we’ll get from giving our precious time to consume whatever content the subscription offers.

And how often do you forget about those subscriptions, willingly or otherwise?

I’ve been guilty of clinging to subscriptions; convinced myself that the content, the experiences, I received were so valuable that I could never get rid of them.

It’s a small price to pay, after all. The expenses fall through the cracks on the monthly credit card statement… It’s not that bad.

Besides, these sacred subscriptions enlighten our lives.

Or they’re supposed to. It’s why we pay up.

  • “I don’t want to miss that show coming out, so I’ll pay the $13/month.”

  • “I used the app last month… I’m sure I’ll use it again soon; maybe next week, so I’ll pay the $6/month.”

  • “Uh, need to get the weight in check. I’m going to use my Peloton next week, so I’d better start a new plan at $50/month.”

In one way, shape, or form, we’re all that person, and we believe we’re getting value—otherwise we wouldn’t pay, right?

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “What’s the value I’m really getting from this subscription or membership?”

I’ve found myself sitting, staring at mine, making promises to myself to use them tomorrow. Yeah. I’ve done it over and over.

We all have.

And then comes the subscription fatigue.

We see something amazing but have a knee-jerk reaction:

“I have too many subscriptions already, so I’m not getting another one! Period.”

Yet we cling to the ones we don’t even use.

Maybe the real reason subscription fatigue kicks in is that we’re scared to cancel the ones we have because, you know, we might miss out on something special.

Or maybe we’re reluctant to confront the lack of true value from our subscriptions. There must be something wrong with us, because all those other people with the same subscription are raving about it (says the online reviews). How can we not get value from it if they’re getting value from it? And so we cling to it, hoping the value will come.

Or perhaps we tell ourselves…

“It’s such a small fee, it’s not even worth the effort to cancel.”

Admittedly, I don’t know why subscription fatigue happens—I’m just ideating with you. I’m asking these questions because recently, I was struck by a conversation here in the Lab with Malcolm Lemmons.


“OK, Keith, why are you sharing this with me?”

Because the Business Athlete Performance Lab is a business.

I love doing Live in the Lab every day; I love meeting interesting people with great, inspiring stories; I love connecting with you, the Bapl Nation, but…

This is not a hobby cast.

We have a vision, a goal, and it’s all about you.

And to that end, memberships will be a core offering at Bapl. That’s just one way we’re going to help you get to your Next.

I realize, essentially, it’s the “value” of a membership we inherently question when confronted with it. I believe that’s a big factor in subscription fatigue.

“Another one? Is it really going to be worth my time and money?”

Knowing this, value—true value—is the one thing we’re going to offer you relentlessly, without fail, every single day.


As you ponder getting a Bapl subscription, think of the memberships and subscriptions you’re paying for but not using.

What is the value of that?

Be honest with yourself: how many streaming services or apps have you purchased that you use every single day?


Now look at your mobile phone. I would argue our phones are the cheapest subscriptions we have, and they give us the best value. But looking at the face of it, that device costs thousands of dollars.

It’s expensive—or is it?

If you’re using your mobile phone throughout the day as much as most people do, the price you’re paying for that exceptionally high value is really cheap.

Imagine life without your phone.

Could you live optimally without it?

Now enter Bapl—the only membership that can unlock the true value of all those other subscriptions falling through the cracks of your bank account.


Like your phone, we’ll be there—every single day.

We’re the Accountability Company, and we’re specialists in helping you stay committed. Committed to yourself, to your other subscriptions, to your goals, to your Next, to your desire to live an excellent life.

You can’t live optimally without accountability.

You’ll never reach your full potential without it.

We tell great stories that will inspire you to be accountable


I believe in the power of words.

I believe in the power of a great story.

Our content is entertaining, informative, inspiring, and motivating, and it’s all tailored to keep you moving towards your Next.

Bapl is your virtual ‘gym’ membership


“Gym” is a metaphor for taking care of yourself so that you can show up and excel at taking care of your family, your business or career, and your community.

Your Business Athlete Performance Membership can elevate every aspect of your life. We’re not giving you a set-and-forget membership that will become just another expense that leaves you wondering why you keep falling for things that don’t add value to your life.

Here’s the truth: Those other subscriptions? They actually do offer value. The reason you can’t enjoy what they offer is because you don’t have an accountability partner. You don’t have Bapl.

  • Maybe you have a journalling app but you never journal…

    • We will help you journal.

  • Maybe you have a gym membership but you never use it…

    • We will get you to gym.

  • Maybe you have some lifestyle or meditation or other service subscription that you keep on telling yourself you’re going to use next month. But you never get to it…

    • We will help you. Let’s talk about it.

  • Maybe you have a Peloton membership, but your bike has become the clothes hanger…

    • We will help you take the clothes off of the bike for good.

“How Keith? How are you going to keep me accountable?”

Fair question, and you’re not alone in asking it.

It is simple: we show up.

After that, human nature takes the lead. We love community, and we hate to disappoint.

I believe that if we show up every day for you, you will show up too.

It’s not easy showing up every day. We recognize that. But we’ve perfected the art, and we won’t let you down. That way, you won’t let yourself down.

Please check out our membership offerings here in the lab. Please talk to me about value. Your feedback is critical to making this a success.

Until next time,

I’m Keith, and I’m your Chief Baplete and Chief Accountability Officer here in the Business Athlete Performance Lab.

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