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It is Never too Late to Bet on Yourself

No Week In Review - The Real New Year Begins January 8th - or does it?

Hi Bapl Nation,

I couldn’t help but repost and comment on the post from Linked In, Hanna Larson lists many founders who started their companies at various ages stating that no matter what age you are, what stage in life you are, it is never too late to bet on yourself.

Go ahead I dare you. Give this 7 minutes a listen.

When you are done. Bet on yourself.

I will catch you if you fall.


New Years New Week

For those of us with kids we know the real New Years begins when they go back to school.

This year, that day is January 8th.

It is also the day, many of us wait to begin the new resolution, the new habit, the new routine we all say we are planning to begin on January 1st.

Let’s face it, the week between Jan 1st and Jan 8th is a free week for procrastinators.

In celebration of the New Year, and the REAL new year date of January 8th, I thought I’d send out the first ever BAPL poll and ask the fun question.



🌟 Tune into this episode for our public declaration of our 2024 goals.

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🌟 This really surprises me that in an era of more and more AI generated content that more and more brands, companies or even people aren’t having a live conversation.

It is the ultimate in showing up. It is the ultimate in accountability.

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Thank you for the continued support and comments. We are looking at the data as we iterate iterate and iterate building this business in public.

Your feedback - good and bad - is helpful.

I want to learn and get better, so please share what you are liking and not liking.

Until tomorrow


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