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I'm Surprised more Brands Don't have DAILY LIVE Conversations

It instantly and immediately delivers you and your narrative to a built in audience at scale LIVE (The BAPL Way)

Now that I have been doing my own daily talk show - conversation - and I have realized all of the benefits of this commitment, it surprises me that more companies, more brands, more people don’t embrace this wonderful communication medium.


  • No, Not an X account.

  • No, Not an Instagram account.

  • No, Not a Threads account.

No, a LIVE conversation with your audience. Old school conversation.

Human to human.

With mistakes and real world accountability.

In a world of AI generated content everywhere, it would seem like a wonderful place to have that human conversation.

I know why we don’t do it though. It seems intimidating and overwhelming.

Especially when it is LIVE.

Recording content makes it easy but it makes us lazy. We can always re-record. We can erase and correct what we say.

What better way to communicate - broadcast - your message, your narrative, to all of your stakeholders at once.


In your tone and in your tone of voice.

Think of the built in audience already wanting to hear from you.


Your wisdom. Your personality.

For less than an hour per day.

Think of your built in “guests” or “topics” you can discuss and share with your interested audience.

If they are either your investors, employees, customers or prospects, I can assure you they want to hear from you and nurture a relationship with you.

What is equally nice is that they can choose to dial in or dial out whenever they please.

The choice is theirs. Whether they show up or not is up to them.

A high quality podcast, a daily talk show , a daily conversation AND newsletter is an incredible daily touch point to your stakeholders that delivers you and your narrative to a built in audience at scale.

It shows you show up.


Like you expect your teammates to show up.


Think about it.


PS - Curious and want to learn more about what I have learned with our daily conversation here Live in the Lab? DM me or sign up

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