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3 Steps to Redefine Your Identity and Purpose | JM Ryerson | Bapl Block 10

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous | Episode #58 | JM Ryerson

JM, many of our listeners are transitioning athletes and business leaders facing the identity shifts that you speak of.

It's a common theme here in the Lab, man.

I know it's been part of my journey. It's been very much part of my vulnerability of coming out to my audience that it took this show for me to make my shift, for me to understand who I am now. I'm no longer the social media guy that had a big social media company. It's been a journey for me, man.

Based on your expertise, because clearly you have been there as well, what are three practical steps that our audience can take to redefine their purpose and their identity?
—Keith Bilous

Highlights from this block:

  1. Three Practical Questions: JM suggests asking yourself three critical questions:

    1. Why do I believe what I believe?
    2. Is it true?
    3. And how is it serving me now?

    These questions can help you challenge your beliefs and perceptions, leading to meaningful personal growth every time.

  2. Embracing Each Chapter: We discuss the idea of life as a book, where past experiences are valuable chapters that shape us, but don't have to define our future. This metaphor illustrates the importance of moving forward and writing new, fulfilling chapters in our lives.

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