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The Power of the Next Step

Mastering the Art of Progress in Life and Business

People fail because they always forget what comes next.

The Next Step.

There is always Next.

The next thought.

The next idea.

The next goal.

The next step.

Think about it. What can you achieve without taking the next step?

There is a next step to everything.

No—I’m not about to introduce you to a system. I vowed I wouldn’t do that.

I am making a recommendation; a suggestion.

You make the decision.

Can you imagine just standing still all the time?

Watching time pass you by.

Not moving.




Most people will say, “But Keith, that’s a crazy idea!”

Yet those same people live mediocre lives.

Day in and day out, they’re reacting.

But rarely do they pro-act.

They’re at a standstill.

No goals. No Next. They simply exist.

Business Athletes, on the other hand, recognize the power of the next step.

They think about the subtle movements in everything.

The rocking of the chair.

The rhythm of the clock.

A tick.

A tock.

Every hour is made up of minutes; every minute is made up of seconds.

Every hello has a goodbye; every goodbye has a hello.

There’s always a next meeting.

There’s always a next kiss.

You get the picture.

My point?

The moment you can recognize the power of a next step is the moment you exit that mediocre, stagnant place and start moving forward. And it’s in that moment that you’ll inevitably recognize your goals—your Next.

How do I know?

Because this kind of thinking helped me to bootstrap a startup and turn it into a $30 million a year business.

It also helped me sell that same company for $50 million.

But the longer it takes to recognize that simple truth, the longer it takes to move forward.

The longer it takes to become self-accountable.

That’s why so many people are so busy all the time but never get things done. It’s true. You can be incredibly busy and incredibly unproductive all at the same time.

Recognizing the next step and intentionally pursuing is a lot like walking.

When you put one foot in front of the other, you will inevitably get to your destination. And if you can cultivate the mindset of always taking the next step, magic will happen.

You’ll get direction.

Your life will change.

You’ll have a purpose.

You’ll lay the building blocks for a life of excellence.

How To Create a Habit of Taking the Next Step


It starts with the awareness that everything requires a next step.

Then it’s about recognizing that in every situation you face in life, there is Next

  • Just met someone? Grab their contact details and send them a note. Then schedule the next time to meet.

  • Going to a work meeting? Think about what happens next and plan for it.

  • Playing a pro sport or aspiring to play pro sport? Look at your birth certificate and recognize that this won’t last forever. What will you do next?

  • Going out on a date with your wife? Get excited about the next one.

  • Just finished your vacation? Now that you’re refreshed, think about what you’ll do next to continue working towards your personal and professional goals.

It’s a simple mindset, but by no means is it easy to cultivate.

It’s a road filled with distractions.

  • You just met someone, but someone else comes along and you don’t bother getting to know the first one better.

  • The meeting ends and you’re filled with ideas and motivation, but you forget all about it when the next meeting comes.

  • You’re an athlete who keeps on telling yourself, “There’s always next year”.

  • Your vacation is over and you’re inspired to make positive changes, but then it’s back to the rat race and you fall into the same mediocre patterns that don’t move you forward.

But here’s the truth about distractions:

They’re not hindrances.

They’re actually opportunities to pause, reflect, and recognize that your next step will either hold you back or move you forward towards that life of excellence.

The quicker you can get into this mindset, the quicker you are going to get to your Next. It’s really as simple as that.

Need help to stay accountable to yourself so that you can achieve your Next?

Send me a DM over on LinkedIn. Let’s chat about it.

I am Keith Bilous, your Chief Baplete and host of Live in the Lab—the only daily talk show for business leaders and transitioning athletes looking for their Next.

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