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I Don't, I Won't, and I Can't Sell You a System or a Book Full of Instructions for Life

But I Will Keep You Accountable to Your Goals—Systems, Books, and All

Hey Bapletes.

How far can you scroll down a social news feed without someone showing or pitching you their revolutionary system or book?

You know the systems I am talking about.

The productivity system, the eating system, the workout system, the walking system, the hand-washing system (oh wait… pandemic is over).

You know the books I am talking about.

How this guy discovered the secret to success. How that woman became the go-to source in a male-dominated industry. This book here will teach you about mindset. That book there will help you become a fitter, better, wealthier you.


Oh, and they are all best-selling books too.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love systems. I believe they’re the foundation that drives success for all of us.

I love books. Knowledge (and knowledge sharing) is the foundation of communication, learning, and human development.

If you’re a Live in the Lab listener, you know how much I love to communicate.

I have my own systems.

I have never written a book.

But there are f***** systems everywhere. And no matter where you turn, someone is trying to sell you one. The latest and greatest. The only one you’ll ever need.

Every week, the latest must-read book gets released.

The barrier to entry for writing a book or creating a system has never been lower.

So, honestly, the last thing you need is me announcing…

“Hey, I’ve got this incredible system for you!” Or, “I wrote a book for you to add to your I’ll-probably-never-read-this-but-I-want-to reading pile!”


I can’t do it.

I won’t do it.

My mission is to entertain, inform, and inspire you. And I’m going to hold you accountable to your goals, your Next, along the way.

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous is a SaaS provider: Show as a Service.

It’s your Accountability Show from the world’s most dedicated Accountability Company—the Business Athlete Performance Lab.

That’s it.

That’s what you’re getting from me.

That system you invested in? You know, the one you’re not really using because life is always getting in the way? Bring it to me. I’m going to help you implement it. I’m going to hold you accountable to it.

That book you want to write? I respect that, really I do. Bring your idea to me. I’m going to help you reach your writing goals so that you can call yourself a published author.

I’m your accountability specialist. Whatever it is you want to achieve, I’m going to hold you accountable to it.

So, come tune in to the Lab on weekdays at noon. Come meet me and our wonderful guests. Let us entertain and inspire you. And if you like what you see, let’s talk about how you’re going to achieve your Next.

That’s what you’re getting from me.

Not a book. Not a system.

Just a Saas (Show as a Service) where you can learn from my journey and from my guests’ journeys. I’m there every day, practicing the accountability you’ll benefit from if you join the Bapl Nation.

Until tomorrow—there is always tomorrow, right?


I’m Keith, your Chief Baplete.


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