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How To Navigate Human Connection & Authenticity in the Age of AI

BAPL Week in Review | 2023.12.18 - 2023.12.23

Happy festive weekend, Bapletes.

As always, your Chief Baplete is right here in the Lab, showing up every day as promised.


I’m holding myself accountable to help you stay accountable.

Besides, your goals, your Next, don’t know the difference between Monday and Friday. They don’t care about whether it’s a weekday, the weekend, or a special holiday. They’re just there, waiting for you to take the next step.

Along the way, it’s OK to have good days and terrible days. It’s OK to not feel it every day. And it’s OK to begin again when necessary. There’s just one thing that’s not OK…

Not showing up.

Stay dedicated, persistent, and consistent in whatever you do, and your success will come. It’s as simple as that. Difficult, but simple. If you don’t know where or how to start, remember that BAPL is just an email, DM, or Live in the Lab session away.

Let’s look at what happened in the Lab this week.

How We're Maintaining the Human Touch in the Age of AI at BAPL


Human Connection in Content Creation

We put together an article that delves into the essence of human-generated content, drawing parallels with iconic old-school shows and personalities like Peter Mansbridge and David Letterman.

Live in the Lab’s Philosophy

In the article, I reflect on how our flagship show, Live in the Lab, is like these classic shows, offering a space where you, my audience, can connect with the people behind the content. Despite the rise of AI, we’re prioritizing human-crafted content to give you authentic, raw, and relatable stories.

Balancing AI and Authenticity

We don’t live under rocks here at BAPL. In fact, we love tech and innovation. AI plays a supportive role to help me with ideation and production speed, and my human collaborator helps me write content for you.

The article also elaborates on the following topics:

  • Why I chose video as my distribution format.

  • The role of leaders in content creation.

  • How we’re addressing male loneliness here at the Lab.

The core message we started the week with?

Embrace innovation, but never at the cost of human connection.

A Candid Look at what We’re NOT Offering in the Lab


In this article, I share my two cents about books and systems.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by their presence, you’ll enjoy this piece.

No, I don’t hate books and systems. I find them very valuable and necessary for knowledge and success in all aspects of life.

But with so many out there, I wouldn’t feel right adding to the overwhelm.

Instead, my goal with BAPL is to keep you accountable to your goals, to those books and systems you’re trying to follow to become a better you.

The article is your personal invitation to join us in the Lab, not for more systems or books, but for genuine inspiration and support. It’s a promise of a community where we hold each other accountable and learn from each other’s journeys. It’s about moving past the clutter and stepping into a space where you’re held accountable, and where actual progress happens.

We show up every single day. How about you?

A Refreshing Perspective on Accountability with JM Ryerson


JM Ryerson is a leadership and performance coach who brings a refreshing perspective on accountability, authenticity, and finding joy in life’s journey.

In this session, JM shares his story and highlights how accountability to his family, especially a promise made to his kids, transformed his approach to life and work. His experience of almost losing everything is a real-life cautionary tale. But more than that, it’s a source of inspiration for anyone who has a gut feeling that they need to reassess their priorities and make some changes.

JM encourages authenticity, self-discovery, and mastering your personal happiness, and offers insights and practical strategies you can implement today.

This is a session you don’t want to miss. It’s an engaging and action-oriented listen that just might change your perspective on life and business.

Meeting the Ultimate Business Athlete: Adam Bighill

2023.12.22 + 2023.12.23

Adam Bighill is a guy who embodies the Business Athlete lifestyle:

  • Sports icon.

  • Business guy.

  • Family guy.

And he does them all well because he takes care of himself so that he can show up and give his best every single day.

Does that mean he never falls?

Of course not.

He’s human.

But his story is a living example of how it’s possible to create harmony in the various roles he plays in life, from being a father to a husband, to a pro football player and full-time financial advisor.

His secrets?

Resilience, adaptability, genuine human connection, and leveraging mentorship.

Throughout the interview, Adam shares his journey with vulnerability and honesty, offering insights and motivation that will help anyone who’s feeling stuck to focus on finding their Next with a new sense of purpose.

So, tune in, get inspired, and remember: your journey is more than just your professional accomplishments. It’s about the connections you form, the impact you make, and your personal fulfillment through the continuous pursuit of your Next.

As we wrap up another week in the Lab, it’s clear that our journey together is about much more than just achieving goals or ticking boxes.

It’s about the human experience.



Growing together.

Each story, each conversation, and each insight from this past week is a building block in your path towards excellence.

But it’s not about some elusive destination.

‘Next’ is a journey. And it never ends.

It’s about finding joy along the way, learning from your struggles, and celebrating your successes, no matter how big or small.

Remember, Bapletes, the Lab is more than a show or a series of articles. It’s a community, a movement, a way of life. It’s about staying true to your goals, being authentic in your pursuits, and never losing sight of what truly matters—human connection.

So, keep showing up, not just for yourself, but for those around you.

Until next time, stay motivated, stay connected, and never stop chasing what makes you feel alive.

I’m Keith, your Chief Baplete.

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