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Meeting Malcolm Lemmons | Bapl Block 10

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous | Episode #56: Malcolm Lemmons

“I like to pride myself on accountability, showing up and everything you said, I resonated with for sure. So I enjoy the energy and it's good to be here, man.”
—Malcolm Lemmons

The opener was an invigorating start to this Live in the Lab session. Our dialogue emphasized the significance of staying true to your commitments, setting a high bar for the rest of the conversation.


  1. Malcolm’s transition: A detailed exploration of Malcolm Lemmons’ shift from being a professional basketball player to navigating the world of business, highlighting the challenges and learning curves involved.

  2. Focus on accountability: Emphasis on how accountability, a critical aspect of Malcolm’s athletic career, played a significant role in his success in the business realm, demonstrating the transferability of sports discipline to other areas of life.

Blocks of Live in the Lab content served up in short digestible segments. Every block has a story.

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The Full Interview:

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