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Malcolm's Transitional Journey | Malcolm Lemmons | Bapl Block 10

Live in the Lab | Episode #56: Malcolm Lemmons

You were there at one point, weren't you, Malcolm?

You're probably playing pro ball and you knew that the writing was on the wall … You had to start asking yourself, ‘what am I doing next?’
—Keith Bilous

Malcolm opened up about the ins-and-outs of transitioning from sports to entrepreneurship. We explored the mindset shift required and the challenges of finding a new purpose outside the court.

This segment also steered into an interesting discussion around the ever-evolving ecosystem of sports and business. We talked about how technology is changing the game and how it might continue to influence how fans experience live games in the future.


  1. In-depth discussion on transitioning careers: We discussed Malcolm’s personal experience of transitioning from professional sports to entrepreneurship, highlighting the mental and emotional aspects of making a successful shift.

  2. Tech’s role in sports: Malcolm shared fascinating insights on how technology is revolutionizing the sports industry when it comes to fan engagement and interactive experiences.

  3. The challenges of finding your Next: We had a candid chat about the challenges athletes face in finding new purpose and identity after their sports career—a topic that Malcolm speaks about with passion, having been through those challenges himself.

Or check out the full interview here: