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LIVE Talk Shows Beat Podcasts: Here's Why

The power and authenticity of live conversations

Hey Business Athlete Nation

There is an unparalleled power in LIVE talk shows over podcasts.

And to all my entrepreneur and founder friends who prefer recordings, this is not a personal attack on you or your authenticity. Actually, I hope this post leaves you with some food for thought about how you engage your audience. Because we can all learn from each other, right?

Here’s why going live is the best choice—the only choice—in a world full of staged podcasts.

It offers the unfiltered magic of real-time conversation

Think about it: you can’t edit a live stream. You can’t say sh*t and make it go away by filtering it before hitting the publish button.

With live, you’re getting it all.

You get the authentic, spontaneous energy that you just can’t replicate in a pre-recorded podcast. There’s something electric about a conversation that’s happening in real time.

It’s dynamic, unpredictable, and oh-so-real.

Raw reactions, no retakes

In my live show, every reaction is raw.

There’s no “Cut! Let’s do that again…”

Nope. What you see is what you get. The real deal—unpolished and unapologetic.

Real-time human connection

Live shows cultivate connection in a way pre-recorded podcasts can never achieve. When people communicate in real-time, the unexpected happens, and that’s when listeners really resonate with the host and guest.

Every time I have a guest on Live in the Lab, the energy and anticipation of an unscripted dialogue makes the experience so much better and memorable for everyone.

There is accountability when you go live

Recording interviews, or solo shows, takes away accountability from both the host and guest. When people know no one is listening, it’s so much easier to be unintentional with your words and energy. It’s so much easier to erase things that were said that might hurt feelings or offend people and pretend it never happened.

But when you’re live, there’s no erasing. There’s no pretending.

When you say things that people don’t agree with, it’s out in the open and creates an opportunity to talk about it, to engage in meaningful conversations about it.

That’s real. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Real talk beats scripted chats, always.

There you have it, Nation. I hope this post inspires you to embrace LIVE shows over staged podcasts. It’s more fun, too.

So go for it.

Live in the moment.
Connect on a deeper level.
Embracing the unpredictability.



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