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Using Time Language to Create a Future Narrative

A mixed bag of topics to kick off the week

Hi Business Athlete Nation,

Alright - straight off the bat.

You guys are seeing tweaks, changes and iterations to our delivery cadence as we follow the data to newsletter / podcast growth. Please keep the comments and feedback coming. It is so appreciative and encouraging.

Thank you :)



Are you Getting an Apple Vision Pro?

  • On Friday, Apple released Apple Vision Pro. While many would be calling it a virtual reality device or mixed reality device, Apple is creating a new category with this device calling it “Spatial Computing”.

  • In today’s episode I touch on the Meta Quest headset and the Apple Vision Pro headset, the similarities and differences and what you might expect from each experience.

  • I also compared the Apple Vision Pro product launch to the way Tesla (re) introduced electric vehicles to the market. (See the graphic below.)

The Power of Time Language and creating a Future Narrative.

  • I learned a really valuable lesson as a leader when I began changing my teams perception of time.

  • We can feel time as it passes by us.

  • We can also use that historical ‘feeling’ to project' what the future might ‘feel’ like by and then speaking about the future as if it has happened.

Share the Vitamin G

  • We created a sharable file for anyone to share some Vitamin G on their social channels. Inspired by Lumaflex founder John Graham Harper, Vitamin G is an intentional sharing of public gratitude meant to inspire others to share Gratitude.

  • This Canva file is ready to go and ready to edit and ready to share. I invite you to use it and share it.

Most of what you see here is fake

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this post from John Kraski as he introduced the idea in his Linked in Feed. The idea? Most of what you see on LinkedIn is fake. 😳😬

    • I invite you to give it a read and have a laugh like I did.

I was struck by this quote from Kevin Kermes, especially in light of our continuing discussion between SMART Goals and FLEXible Goals.

Use a goal as a place to come from versus a point of arrival.

~ Kevin Kermes

Just Get Over Yourself

In closing, I joined Brandon Davis on his podcast “Just Get Over Yourself” for a conversation he called “Detoxing From Social Media.

I rebroadcast our conversation on today’s show. I hope you enjoy it.

Until tomorrow Business Athlete Nation, I am Keith Bilous.

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