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This is the Business Athlete Manifesto

The values we uphold to move us forward in life

Hey Business Athlete Nation

I hope your week is off to a great start.

The end of January can feel like an anti-climax for many people.

It’s around this time when all those good intentions behind the New Year’s resolutions come to a full stop. A few brave people will cling on until middle February.

After that… The dreams for their best year ever evaporate. Poof.

Then they slip back into another 11 months of mediocracy.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Show up. Push through. Give it your all, every day.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.
—Winston Churchill

Today, I’m giving you the Business Athlete Manifesto—the core values and principles that guide our lives and careers as Business Athletes.

Humans and wellness first

In a world of AI here, AI there, AI everywhere… The idea of putting humans first has never been a more powerful, resonating statement.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it AI and tech. I’m embracing it full on. But what I’m not losing sight of is human connection.

Whether it’s in the way we handle tough decisions like layoffs or how we focus on personal and professional development, the emphasis is always on the human element.

Take care of your own mind and body first thing every day, then obsess over the people closest to you and your team at work. When you focus on people instead of what they bring to the table, they’ll give you their best.

Prioritize physical, mental, and emotional self-care

Everything else is irrelevant in your life.

Things fall into place when you take care of yourself first.

The same goes for your people, your team. Encourage those around you to practice physical, mental, and emotional wellness first thing every single day and practice what you preach.

You can’t focus when you’re mentally exhausted.

You can’t function optimally when your body is stiff, unfit, and unhealthy.

You can’t be present or support others when you’re emotionally exhausted.

Lead with love and have good manners

Have a different opinion, but lead with love when you offer it.

Love, understanding, and empathy are essential in a world where differing opinions so often cause division.

Frankly, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

We’re all different. It’s ok to have your own opinion. And it’s ok for the person across from you to have one too.

Good manners will set you apart from somebody else.

Good manners have become hard to come by among adults. Seriously. People teach their kids to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but when they’re interacting with the world, they forget about it all. But remember: it’s not just formalities—it’s about self-respect and respect for others.

Love and good manners are powerful leadership qualities. Practice it and see what happens.

Lead through empowerment, encouragement, and support

Find smart, motivated humans and then empower the hell out of them.

Believe in people and let them know you support their aspirations. Then do what you can to support them in achieving it. Never forget that the person working with you is also pursuing a better life.

If you can support that, they’ll move mountains for you and your business.

Continuous competition and improvement

Don’t be the last guy or girl on the fence.
Compete—that’s what we do as Business Athletes.

There is power in continuous self-improvement and competition, not just with others, but with ourselves. It’s about pushing boundaries and striving for personal excellence.

Be curious and consistent

Always ask questions. It’s a trait. It’s a value we hold as business athletes. And be consistent by showing up daily. That’s what it’s all about here in the Lab.

Curiosity drives understanding and growth.

And consistency? It's your commitment, your daily act of showing up, even if you feel sh!tty and get less done.

Curiosity and consistency keep you moving forward.

You’re the hardest worker in the room

That's what makes you stand out, Mr. Business Athlete, Mrs. Business Athlete. It's when you walk into a room and you look around—and you know you're the hardest worker.

This attitude is more than just self-awareness.

It's a reflection of your dedication to your goals, your tireless pursuit of excellence. You might question why others don't match your intensity, but remember—this is the quality that defines you as a true Business Athlete.

It's not arrogance. It’s recognizing your commitment to always give your best, to push the limits, and to lead by example.

Be obsessively kind

You want to lead somebody? You want to win somebody? You want to have zero churn in your organization or your customers? Simple: be obsessively kind.

This means going beyond basic manners and empathy. It's about making kindness a core part of your leadership and customer relations strategy.

In a world where indifference rules, standing out is simple: show genuine, relentless kindness.

There you have it, Nation. The essence of the Business Athlete Manifesto is more than a set of principles. It's a mindset that transforms how we live and work.

This is how you set yourself apart.

Keep pushing, keep growing, and in all your ambition, stay kind.



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