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The Voice of Change in a Shifting World | Greg Mackling | #63

Ever wondered how one voice can navigate the tides of change in an ever-evolving world?

We continue our conversation with Winnipeg radio legend and broadcaster, Greg Mackling

We get into a number of different topics in this episode including:

  • The changing landscape of local radio

  • The introduction of Macro and Micro culture changing the conversation in markets that only had a local radio station.

  • We talked about the Overton effect, a concept I explore with Greg with intrigue. It's about society's shifting tolerance, acceptance of what was once unthinkable. Consider how Twitter, now X, once a platform of limitations, now embraces the once unacceptable.

Heck, we talked about a ton of stuff that I invite you to give it a listen to and enjoy.

Until tomorrow.

I’m Keith


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