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Empathy in The Water

Riding the Waves of Life and Business | Jeremy Ryan | Episode #114

Hey Business Athlete Nation,

In our latest episode, I sat down with Jeremy Ryan, renowned both on the waves and in the business world. Our conversation wasn't just talk—it was a deep dive into how the skills that make a great surfer—like balance, timing, and resilience—translate into business and personal growth.

Surfing and Life Lessons

Jeremy's transition from conquering waves to mastering business challenges teaches us a lot. He views surfing as a metaphor for life: preparing for the unpredictable, learning from setbacks, and enjoying the journey. Jeremy's perspective on tackling life's obstacles with the poise and flexibility needed to ride a massive wave offers a fresh outlook on life.

The Essence of Empathy: Jeremy's Surprising Surfing Strategy

A remarkable aspect of Jeremy Ryan's philosophy? His focus on empathy, even while surfing. This approach isn't just about sports; it reflects broader lessons in leadership and fostering community. Jeremy chooses to share waves, promoting respect and connection among surfers. This act of kindness proves that real power comes from generosity and empathy.

Building Ruit: Integrity at Its Core

Jeremy’s brand, Ruit, stands as a prime example of creating a business rooted in integrity and purpose. Ruit, which cleverly spells 'true' backward with a creative flair, symbolizes the importance of authenticity, a value Jeremy upholds in every facet of life. More than just an apparel line, Ruit communicates a powerful message to anyone who prioritizes genuine intention in their endeavors.

Navigating Digital Marketing

His venture into digital marketing from his surfing background highlights Jeremy’s adaptability and relentless pursuit of growth. His agency focuses on bridging the gap between services and their clients, showcasing lessons in resilience, creativity, and strategy. Jeremy's transition from the surf to the digital world is a great example of adaptability while staying true to your values and personal growth.

Embrace the Wave: Your Invitation to Grow and Connect

Jeremy Ryan's journey is more than an inspiring story; it's a call to action for embracing challenges across all areas of life. Combining athletic prowess with entrepreneurial insight, he encourages us to seek our equilibrium, navigate our challenges with grace, and stay authentic to who we are.

Here’s to meeting life's ups and downs with compassion, toughness, and a deep commitment to our genuine selves.


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