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The Power of your Platform | Adam Bighill | Bapl Block 5

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous | Episode #59 | Adam Bighill

Talk about the inspiration you have been for others.
—Keith Bilous

Born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, Adam faced surgeries and social challenges like bullying, causing him to grow up with less confidence.

Despite this, he became a star athlete and later a spokesperson for those with facial differences. His son, Beau, was born with a similar condition, and Adam used his platform to call out insensitivity towards people with cleft lips and palates, leading to a public apology from a national television personality. Adam's journey is not just about his personal triumphs, but also his commitment to using his experiences to help others.

Key Highlights:

  1. Overcoming Personal Challenges: Adam's journey through surgeries and bullying due to his facial difference.

  2. Advocacy and Impact: Adam uses public platforms to advocate for sensitivity towards facial differences.

  3. Charitable Involvement: We talk about Adam’s role in 'Making Faces,' a charity focused on building confidence and speech abilities in individuals with facial differences.

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