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The Parkinson Effect is Real

Getting it done | Jacob Turner | Episode #73

What is going on Business Athlete Nation?

In this BAPL Block of Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous, I had a profound conversation with Jacob Turner about the power of showing up every day.


  • We discussed how live commitments, like my daily talk show, push us into the realm of true accountability. Unlike pre-recorded content, live shows expose us to real-time feedback and mistakes, which we must own and learn from.

  • We also touched on the common misinterpretation of New Year's resolutions. The essence isn't about grand gestures but the cumulative effect of small, daily efforts. Even on the toughest days, doing something minimal can keep the momentum going.

  • We talked about the importance of establishing personal routines. For Jacob, conquering key activities before 10 AM sets the tone for his day. This self-structured approach was the cornerstone of his transition from a professional athlete to an entrepreneur, emphasizing purpose over mere busyness.

This is an awesome interview we are having. I think you will really enjoy this 9 minute block.

Cheers Nation,


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