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The Contest that Changed Greg's Life | Greg Mackling | #63 |

Imagine stepping into a contest that could redefine your destiny.

It was a friendly and familiar voice that appeared from behind the door.

It was local Winnipeg radio broadcaster and celebrity, Greg Mackling, waving hello while I was mid-show for Live in the Lab with Greg Walls from Texas.

My dogs were jumping excitedly, happy to see Greg.

He did a wonderful job keeping them calm while I continued my virtual chat with Greg from Texas, who had no idea what what unfolding in the Lab.

After the interview, Greg Mackling sits on the floor next to my desk with his toque.

I can see he is ready to chat.

Greg Mackling

Ready to uncover how a simple radio contest can lead to a life-altering journey?

Greg's story starts not on the airwaves, but in the heart of a contest that seemed just like any other.

A contest that would change everything.

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