Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
Passion, Pursuit, and… Post-Coital Epiphanies

Passion, Pursuit, and… Post-Coital Epiphanies

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Hey everybody, Keith here.

Sometimes, the most profound insights come from a place of pure passion and relentless pursuit – this is precisely what John Graham Harper brought to today's Live in the Lab session.

But first…

Some Post Nut Clarity:

If you’re stuck on making a big decision, go have sex.


That big release relieves stress, pent-up energy, and all that tension that keeps your mind spinning.

Check out the first segment of today’s show to learn what the hell that’s all about.

You won’t regret it.

Now, if you're looking for that spark to discover and ignite your Next, John's wisdom is your kindling.


🟢 Struggle is Not Your Enemy

John's journey is a powerful narrative on the transformative power of struggle.

His three-step system for success:

1. Accept

2. Appreciate, and

3. Seek out struggle

is a philosophy not just for business, but for life.

It's about harnessing the raw energy of every setback, turning each one into a stepping stone toward your Next.

🟢 How To Find Your Team Post-Athletic Career

Communities are forged through shared passion.

Find what you love outside of sport and pursue it relentlessly.

When you lead with what you love, you’ll attract like-minded people.

🟢 Take Your Vitamin G

Practice gratitude every single day.

This not about counting your blessings only—it’s about being thankful for those dark days, too, because without them, you’d never learn and grow.

PS: John is the founder of LumaFlex, a revolutionary red light therapy technology that can change lives through its non-invasive healing capabilities. If you’re being held back by old sports injuries, or if you know someone who suffers from chronic pain, I encourage you to check out

See you tomorrow in the Lab.


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