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Overcoming Obstacles to Being Teachable

Develop a Mindset of Teachability | WILLIAM ATTAWAY | Episode #136

Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with William Attaway, a specialist in executive coaching. We talked leadership, coaching, and the pursuit of excellence.

The Core of Leadership: Teachability

The best leaders aren't born; they're made through experience, a commitment to learning, and a relentless willingness to adapt. No matter what, avoid the ego trap and never stop learning.

Success Factors: Skills, Intuition, and Chemistry

We discussed the relationship between innate gifts and honed skills. Leaders might have natural charisma, but without refining their abilities (like communication and strategic thinking) they're only tapping into a fraction of their potential. And then there’s chemistry—the vibe or culture that determines how well your team works together. But it goes beyond getting along. Chemistry helps to align and connect a team so everyone involved gets behind the company’s vision and mission.

The Legacy of Leadership: Beyond the Individual

Impactful leadership transcends the individual. When you’re an excellent leader, you nurture an excellent team, shape the organization, and create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the office walls. That's a legacy worth striving for.

Your Leadership Journey: Are You Ready?

So where do you stand in your leadership journey? Are you open, truly open, to learning, growing, and challenging the status quo?

Whether you're leading a team, running a business, or just keen on personal mastery, the path to greatness requires endless curiosity. When you approach it from that perspective, there are great lessons to learn and changes to make that will benefit you and everyone else.

Are you going to be a game-changer with me?

Then dive into the deep end of learning, unlearn to relearn, and build leadership legacies. Because in the end, that's what being a Business Athlete is about—transforming potential into performance, aspiration into achievement.

Until next time, stay curious, stay driven, never stop learning, and keep on challenging the ordinary. Life’s too short not to.



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