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From Bitcoin Riches to Music Studio Builder

Building Latin America's Largest Music Studio | Episode #87 | Myles Wakeham

Today, I dove deep into the life of Myles Wakeham. His story? A masterclass in innovation, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.

Innovation: From software pioneer to music maestro.

Wakeham didn't just adapt; he redefined fields.

Resilience: Life threw curves; he built a studio.

In Mexico, he merged history and future in sound.

Dreams: Not just chasing, but living them.

His studio in San Miguel de Allende? A sanctuary for creators.

The largest private music studion in Latin America.

Wakeham's journey teaches us valuable lessons:

  1. Embrace Change: He turned adversities into advantages.

  2. Pursue Passion: From Australia to Hollywood, passion led him.

  3. Create Legacy: His studio isn’t just about music; it’s about new legacies.

Myles Wakeham's story is more than inspiring. It's a call to action for every dreamer, creator, and innovator out there.

Dream big. Innovate relentlessly. Live your legacy.

What's your dream project?



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