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Master The Art of Accountability in 2024 with these 4 Ideas

Anyone can do these. They're guaranteed to keep you accountable to your goal.

Hey Business Athlete Nation,

As you consider your accountability goals for 2024, let me offer a few suggestions to help you on your journey.

Try one of these 4 ideas to help you get started:

1) Trek to the top of a mountain.

Picture yourself waking up before dawn, lacing up your boots, and setting out on a journey that tests every muscle in your body.

Reaching the summit isn't the end.

It’s just the beginning of the journey back to the bottom.

Why is this guaranteed to keep you accountable?

I’ve never met someone who said, “You know, I’m turning around,” halfway through a trek.

It doesn’t happen.

Once you start that walk, one foot in front of the other, there is no turning back.

And I’m not talking Everest or Mauna Kea or k2.

Just go trek a mountain—any mountain—and see what it does for your sense of commitment, determination, and accountability to your goals.

2) Run a marathon or Ironman.

Once you begin, you know you are going to finish–it’s why you started in the first place.

You’re not going to let yourself down.

And you will not go back on the word you gave to your friends and family about doing a marathon or ironman.

Envision the pounding of your heart, echoing the beat of thousands of footsteps around you.

Crossing that finish line, you're not just a runner; you're a living emblem of perseverance.

It’s an accomplishment you’ll remember forever.

Any goal you set after that will take you back to the level of accountability you had to complete that marathon, that ironman.

3) Compete in a bodybuilding contest.

Visualize the clank of weights, the strict regimen of diet and exercise.

Every day is a battle against limits. You sculpt your body, and you chisel away the doubts and fears that might otherwise hold you back.

On stage, under the spotlight, your muscles are not just a display of strength, but of discipline, a physical manifestation of your inner resilience and ability to keep yourself accountable.

4) Start a daily talk show.

Picture the lights, camera, and the deep breath before "action."

Picture the people tuning in to hear your voice.

It creates an expectation that you’ll be there, and your brain is wired to live up to it—to keep you accountable.

Each day brings new stories, challenges, and learning curves.

This isn't just a show; it's a journey of personal growth, a daily testament to your dedication to learning and connecting with others.

Each of these paths is more than an activity; they are journeys of transformation that will change the way you think about commitment and staying accountable to your commitments.

These experiences give you no choice but to push through.

They don’t just teach you about accountability—they wire you to live it.

To stay accountable to your goals in 2024, I invite you to bring your membership, your subscription, your goals, or whatever you want to achieve to the Business Athlete Performance Lab.

We’re going to help you be accountable.


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