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Just Get Over YourSelf

Getting it done | Brandon Davis | Episode #74

Hello Business Athlete Nation

I had a chat with Brandon Davis. Not Brandon Doyle.

Brandon Davis.

We talked shop. He's into tech. Helps small biz with calls.

Smart, right?

His startup, Interval, is a game-changer.

Software, not people, answers your calls. It's like having a digital secretary.

Surprisingly enough, we got talking. About calls. People still make them. Surprising?

Not really. Especially the older crowd.

They trust calls - talking to a human.

Or at least attempting to talk to a human.

Brandon's story?

Pure startup grind. His tool uses AI. Picks up calls, books appointments. All automated.

His future plans? Use your own voice. Personal touch, that's the key.

Then, our chat took a turn.

  • We moved to driving revenue. The lifeblood of business. Brandon gets it. Focus on what brings in cash. Otherwise, it's just busywork.

  • We also touched on entrepreneurship. It's not just about ideas. It's about solving real problems. That's where the magic happens.

Brandon's journey was inspired by Shark Tank. He always knew he'd make his mark.

Now, he's living that dream. Building, solving, growing.

Our conversation? A reminder. In business, like sports, it's all about performance.

Results matter. The rest is just noise.

So, what's my takeaway? Keep pushing.

Stay focused on what truly matters. And always, always keep solving problems.

Until next time BAPL Nation.


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