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Is It Just Me, Or Does Christmas Feel Manufactured?

There's No Pause Button on Accountability and Progress.

Christmas and the festive vibe around it is a difficult time of year for me. While I recognize it as a time of joy and happiness, it also comes with a sense of anxiety.

I don’t like the commercialization of it all.

It feels manufactured.



Worse—it’s as if everything comes to a standstill; as if suddenly, accountability towards ourselves, our goals, and those around us flies out the window.

“But Keith, we all need a break,” you might say.

Do we?

A break from what, exactly?


I don’t subscribe to that. Accountability, the BAPL mindset, is a way of life. In fact, I’d argue it’s exactly this time of year that accountability matters most to every one of us.

You've worked incredibly hard for almost an entire year.

Why throw it all away just because it’s the festive season?

I’m not saying off days aren’t OK. They are. I’m not saying it’s not OK to fall and start again. It is. But even on those off days, even when starting from scratch, you owe it to yourself and those around you to show up.

Just show up every single day. Be there, even if you get less done. That’s OK.

But don’t make excuses not to show up. Not even on Christmas.


That’s why this message is in your inbox. At BAPL, we’re always going to show up; we’re going to continue being accountable to you to help you achieve your Next. Part of how we help you do that is through real-life stories that can entertain, inspire, and motivate you to push through whatever you’re facing.

So, in the spirit of authenticity, of anti-fakery, I want to share another raw story with you today. It’s about a guy who lacked accountability for the longest time; about someone who didn’t have what it took to finish what he started.

That guy was me.

If the Christmas vibes are getting you down, too, or if you’re just relaxing, wondering what to do with yourself, find a cozy corner and join me for an hour’s heart-to-heart.

Hit that play button at the top of the page.

And who knows, today might be a turning point for you.

See you tomorrow, Bapletes.


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