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I hate to ask...

If you are enjoying our content, an Apple Podcasts review would be extremely helpful.

Hi Business Athlete Nation,

As we continue to work on growing our audience and improving our content, I’m reaching out for your opinion.

Do you like the show?

If you do, it would be a huge help if you showed your support by rating the show and leaving a review on Apple Podcasts (or Spotify).

  1. The review could be as simple as this copy and paste “Great show” or “Awesome host” (feel free to use that if you want to).

  2. And please don’t forget to leave your rating as well. (It can be anything, as long as you give us 5 stars!)

Steps: (Apple Podcasts)

These are the steps you can follow. (I’m borrowing this process from Alex from Podmatch. (It was his email to me that encouraged me to send this one to you.)

  1. Open the Apple Podcast App on your iPad or iPhone.

  2. Go to the Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous show in your podcast player.

  3. Scroll down past the Ratings & Review section. (It's just above the 'You Might Also Like' section.)

  4. Select Write a Review.

  5. Leave a star rating at the top, title it, then write your review.

  6. Press Send, and you’re done.

If you have trouble with the process, check out this in-depth walkthrough for leaving a review.

Thank you so much for the support.

It really helps us expand our reach and grow our show.

I appreciate all of you.


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