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Live in the Lab #48 | Lisa Brooking

Live in the Lab #48 | Lisa Brooking

How To Leverage Athletic Discipline for Success

The Lisa Brooking Collection

Hey Bapletes, Keith here.

Today, we’re diving into an extraordinary conversation with Lisa Brooking, a standout human who seamlessly bridges the worlds of healthcare leadership and elite athletics.

Lisa’s story is not just about athletic prowess or professional excellence. It’s a profound journey of relentless pursuit, resilience, and transformative leadership.

Her insights offer a blend of inspiration and practical wisdom, perfect for anyone contemplating their Next, be it in the boardroom or on the running track.

Why Watch this Interview?

Lisa Brooking unfolds her unique narrative, one that resonates deeply with those standing at life’s crossroads.

Whether you’re a retiring athlete wondering “what’s next?” or a business leader seeking a fresh challenge, Lisa’s experiences offer a roadmap to finding purpose, balance, and success in new arenas.

Her story is a testament to the power of persistence, adaptability, and strategic planning—elements crucial for anyone aiming to redefine their path and achieve greatness.

Key Talking Points

Transitioning from Athletics to Leadership

Lisa shed light on how the skills and discipline she gained from her athletic career played a pivotal role in her seamless transition to a leadership role in healthcare. She emphasized the transferability of traits like discipline, goal orientation, and resilience.

Lisa’s journey serves as an inspirational blueprint for athletes navigating their career paths post-retirement, demonstrating how to leverage athletic experience for success in new professional domains.

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Holistic Wellness and Performance

Lisa passionately spoke about the significance of maintaining not just physical fitness but also mental health, especially when dealing with the pressures of high-performance roles.

Her approach goes beyond traditional fitness, incorporating strategies for stress management, mindfulness, and emotional resilience. For people juggling demanding careers and personal commitments, Lisa’s perspective offers practical advice for creating a healthy lifestyle that has room for every aspect of your life.

Leadership and Authenticity

Throughout her career, Lisa has embraced a leadership style marked by authenticity and integrity. She delved into how being true to yourself and maintaining ethical standards can elevate your impact as a leader.

Her experiences provide valuable lessons for aspiring leaders in any field, underlining the importance of authenticity in fostering trust, inspiring teams, and driving meaningful change.

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Embracing Change and Continuous Learning

Lisa’s narrative is a testament to the power of adaptability and lifelong learning. She shared how embracing change and continuously updating her skills and knowledge have been crucial in her professional and personal development. This aspect of her journey is particularly relevant in today’s fast-paced world, where adaptability and an eagerness to learn are key to staying relevant and successful.

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Mentorship and Impact

A significant part of Lisa’s story involves the role mentorship played in her life and her commitment to mentoring others.

She shared how being both a mentor and a mentee has enriched her journey, emphasizing the mutual benefits and the sense of fulfillment that comes from guiding and empowering others.

Her insights underscore the value of mentorship in personal and professional development, as well as the broader impact it has on building supportive communities.

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What You’ll Gain from Watching this Interview

  1. Strategies for successfully transitioning from a sports career to business or other fields.

  2. Tips on maintaining holistic wellness while juggling demanding roles.

  3. Insights into authentic leadership and building a values-driven career.

  4. A deeper understanding of the importance of adaptability and continuous learning.

  5. Learn about the power of mentorship and community in shaping your journey.

  6. Motivation and inspiration from Lisa’s story of overcoming challenges and achieving excellence.

  7. Practical advice on creating harmony between your career ambitions, personal health, and relationships.

Until next time, remember that every step you take is a part of your unique story—be intentional and make it count.

I’m Keith Bilous, and I’m your Chief Baplete here in the Business Athlete Performance Lab.


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