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How I Used a Daily Talk Show to Create a New Life of Accountability

The Ultimate Accountability Exercise

I had a bad habit of not finishing what I started.

So many projects or ideas scattered throughout my life.

Incomplete. Unfinished.

I was not accountable to myself or the time had I put into those projects.

Until I discovered the power of my own daily LIVE Talk show.

Not a recorded podcast.

A daily live show.

A live journal.

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous has changed my life.

It has changed right in front of your eyes.

New processes. New habits.

If you’ve been following me since episode 1, you’ll know the difference; you’ll have seen a new person born in front of your eyes.


The power of public accountability.

The power of stating my intentions out loud to all of you—live.

It’s not unlike keeping a journal.

More importantly, the power of a LIVE show brings real-time accountability.

There’s no recording; no edits.

It all happens live with mistakes, with full transparency.

When you say something live, in front of a room or an audience, there’s no going back to edit it out. You can simply acknowledge your words and be accountable.

If you’re looking for a nudge towards accountability, starting your own show—a live show—is the ultimate exercise to consider.

And you know what?

The thought of doing it is scarier than actually doing it.

Even if nobody is listening, the power of speaking your words, your truth, into the microphone to someone who might be listening is extremely empowering.

Not just to yourself, but surprisingly, to that person who just might be listening.

Go ahead, I encourage you.

Give it a shot.

Try a daily talk show.

At the very least. Try a daily public conversation.

It will hold you accountable, even if you think nobody is listening.

And if you need help to get started… Hey, we do it every day. We can give you a hand.


Send me a DM over on LinkedIn or email me: if you’re interested in learning about starting your own talk show.

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Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
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If you are looking for content and conversation designed to move you, inspire you and help you be accountable to your next in life. Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous is the place for you.