Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
#| Pete Sena

#| Pete Sena

How 10 Minutes Per Day Can Change Your Life

Hey BAPL Nation, Keith here.

In today's Live in the Lab, I had the pleasure of diving deep with Pete Sena, an inspiring human whose journey echoes the struggles and triumphs we often discuss here in the Lab. If you’re looking for your Next as a retired athlete or business leader in transition, Pete’s story will resonate with you—guaranteed.

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Why Watch This Interview?

I sat down with Pete, expecting a straightforward chat about business and creativity.

Instead, we explored the human side of success, the depths of personal challenges, and the power of mindfulness, creativity, and curiosity.

This is a conversation that speaks to anyone feeling trapped in life's hamster wheel or struggling to define their identity outside of sports or that career they’ve pursued for so long.

This is not just another interview; it's a revelation.

Key Talking Points from the Interview:

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Pete opened up about his struggles with anxiety and depression, offering a candid look into the realities many of us face but rarely discuss. His journey toward self-care, particularly meditation, offers a roadmap for anyone grappling with similar issues.

Harnessing Creativity and Curiosity for Personal Growth

Pete's emphasis on nurturing creativity and curiosity as tools for personal and professional growth is a game-changer. These are the the tools that can get you to your Next, even if you’re not sure what it is yet.

If you’re transitioning into a new career or life phase and are looking for ways to redefine your path, you’ll find a ton of inspiration and practical takeaways.

People Over Pixels”: The Power of Human Connection

During our talk, Pete hammered on prioritizing human connections over focusing on results and technological achievements. As an athlete, you know the importance of your team. And as a business leader, you know people are the ones who drive the business, not the other way around.

Still, it’s easy to get fixated on results, right?

If you’ve been missing that human connection lately, today’s interview is a must-watch.

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Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Embracing Self-Care for Greater Impact: Learn how self-care practices like meditation can transform your approach to life and work—a valuable insight for everyone in the BAPL Nation.

  • Creativity and Curiosity as Life and Career Catalysts: Discover how embracing creativity and curiosity can boost your career, especially if you’re in the middle of navigating a career transition and seeking more fulfillment.

  • The Importance of Human Connections in Business and Life: Pete's discussion on the value of relationships over technology or business achievements is not a new concept, but coming from his experiences, it offers a fresh perspective on building a successful career adding meaning to your life.

  • Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Today’s interview is a testament to turning personal and professional setbacks into opportunities for growth, a recurring theme here in the Lab—and for good reason: no one gets to learn or grow without struggles. It’s what empowers us to push toward our Next.

So, whether you're a retired athlete, a business leader, or someone at a crossroads in life who stumbled upon BAPL today, you’re here for a reason.

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Join us in the Lab for yet another session filled with a genuine, transformative conversation that will leave you inspired and ready to pursue your Next with purpose.

Until tomorrow bapletes,

I’m Keith Bilous


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