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Go Knock on a Friend's Door

It's the middle of January - The 2024 goals and resolutions are beginning to fall...

Hello Business Athlete Nation,

I am dropping into your inbox this AM to create some awareness.

To create some awareness that now is the time those resolutions and those goals we set at the beginning of the year are cracking.

Cracking wide open towards failure…

In today’s Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous 5 min block, this quick reminder is actually a call out to all of you, BAPL Nation, to knock on a friend’s door, a colleague’s door, a family member’s door—and ask them how they’re progressing towards their 2024 goals.

Now is the time the momentum will fade for goal-setters.

The first two weeks of the year are in the books. The dog days of winter are upon us.

New Year’s celebration is long past. The holiday season is long gone.

It’s cold. Carbohydrates are calling.

The gyms that were packed for the last two weeks are now seeing the trickle of people not showing up.

I invite you to knock on a friend’s door for an accountability check-in. You’re not only helping a friend—you’re actually helping yourself.

Go get it Bapletes.


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