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From Submarine to Stuck in a Hot Tub with Dana Carvey

An Entrepreneurial Laugh Track | Scott Edwards | #99

Today, I shared an adventure with R. Scott Edwards on "Live in the Lab." His journey from comedy clubs to owning a submarine is a wild ride that teaches us valuable lessons.

Embrace Risk

- Started young, at 17

- From striping company to comedy

- Even owned a submarine

Risk is the companion of the bold. Scott's path shows us that.

Find Joy in Laughter

- Laughter connects us

- Comedy transcends barriers

- Scott’s tales bring joy

Laughter is universal. Scott's experience in comedy shows its power to unite.

Venture into the Deep

- Submarine ownership: unique

- Not all ventures yield profit

- Rich in stories and lessons

Going deep can be enlightening. Scott’s submarine adventure teaches resilience.

Learn and Grow

- Every experience is valuable

- Embrace failure and success

- Keep chasing your dreams

Life’s about the journey. Scott’s story inspires us to pursue our passions fearlessly.

Stay Curious, Keep Laughing

Life is an adventure filled with unexpected turns. Embrace it. Dive deep into your passions. Let’s be fearless in our pursuits and find joy in every moment.

Until next time, embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and the laughter that comes with it.

Keith Bilous

P.S. What’s your “submarine”? Share your unique venture!

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