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Anthony Bourke: F16 Fighter Pilot Protecting America on 911

From Fighter Jets to Business Strategy | ANTHONY BOURKE | Episode #148

Hey Nation,

Welcome back to Live in the Lab. Today's guest is Anthony Bourke, known as AB. He's transitioned from flying F-16s to leading in America's top boardrooms. AB shared his incredible journey from military precision to business success, all while keeping his passion for flying alive.

From Fighter Pilot to Business Leader

Anthony's career as a fighter pilot is impressive. With over 3,000 hours in the cockpit, AB has flown missions worldwide, mastering aerial combat and discipline. What's impressive is how he translated fighter pilot training and strategic thinking into business practices. He highlighted the meticulous preparation and checklists that ensure mission success, drawing parallels to business strategies needing the same rigor and attention to detail.

The 9/11 Experience

One of the most gripping parts of our conversation was Anthony's firsthand account of 9/11. On that day, AB was on a business trip when he saw the smoke from the World Trade Center. Realizing the gravity of the situation, he immediately called the Vermont Air National Guard to offer his help. His quick response showed his unwavering commitment to duty and his ability to stay composed under pressure. His experience flying Homeland Defense over New York City afterward gave us a unique perspective on a world-changing event.

Transition to Business

AB's journey didn't end with his military service. He took lessons from the skies and applied them to the corporate world. As the CEO of Mac 2 Consulting, he's become one of Inc. Magazine's 100 Great Leadership Speakers. His consulting work focuses on leadership, teamwork, and performance optimization, all rooted in principles he practiced as a fighter pilot.

The Power of Habit Patterns

A key takeaway from our discussion was the concept of "great habit patterns." AB emphasized developing consistent, repeatable processes to ensure success, whether in flying a jet or running a business. This disciplined approach to habits can improve anyone's personal and professional life.

A Sneak Peek into Part Two

We couldn’t cover everything in one session, so stay tuned for Part Two of our conversation with Anthony Bourke. We’ll dive deeper into his business strategies and how he uses his military background to drive corporate success. AB’s story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning.

Thanks for joining us for another Live in the Lab session. If AB’s journey from fighter jets to boardrooms inspired you, drop a comment and let us know how you're applying these principles in your life.


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