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Innovation Through Neurodiversity

Leveraging Neurodiverse Talents | KATHERINE McCORD | Episode #110

Hey there, BAPL Community!

Today's session was nothing short of electrifying! We had the indomitable Katherine McCord, a titan in innovation, tearing down conventional barriers and diving deep into the essence of neurodiversity and inclusion.

Let's rewind and dissect the golden nuggets from our dialogue, shall we?

Challenging the Status Quo

Katherine, with her authentic, no-BS charm, didn't just walk into the lab; she stormed in with insights that challenge the mundane. Her take on neurodiversity isn't just a perspective; it's a revelation. With one in three people potentially falling under this broad spectrum, it's high time we recalibrate our understanding and approach toward cognitive diversity.

The Misunderstood Genius of Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity encompasses a spectrum so vast that it's a disservice to oversimplify it. From ADHD and autism to lesser-known conditions like misophonia (yes, it's real, and it's challenging), Katherine peeled layers off misconceptions to reveal the strengths embedded in these so-called 'disabilities.' The message? If you're climbing Everest for a trophy, remember that respect is earned on K2, a much tougher, lesser-known mountain - an apt metaphor for the underappreciated potential within neurodiverse individuals.

Inclusion Beyond Buzzwords

True inclusion, as Katherine vividly illustrated, isn't a one-size-fits-all policy printed in HR handbooks. It's the everyday actions, the adjustments in our work environments, and the respect for individuality that truly embrace diversity. Especially poignant was her call out to companies still clinging to archaic office mandates. Let's be real - the future of work is inclusive, flexible, and respects individual needs and preferences.

A Conversation Starter

Our chat wasn't just a dialogue; it was a clarion call to introspect and innovate in how we perceive and engage with diversity. Katherine's narrative isn't just her story; it's a reflection of a broader societal evolution, one that demands our attention, curiosity, and action.

Engage with the Innovator

Katherine isn't just a guest; she's a movement. Dive deeper into her world of innovation, neurodiversity, and genuine change-making by connecting with her on LinkedIn and exploring her upcoming events. She's not just reshaping her domain; she's inviting us all to join in the revolution.

Until next time, keep challenging, keep innovating, and remember, we're all part of this extraordinary tapestry of human experience. Let's be the change, one insightful conversation at a time.

Stay tuned for more invigorating discussions right here on Live in the Lab.

Keith Bilous


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