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Embrace the Grind Pt 2. - Rise from Ashes | Greg Walls | #62

Just when the lights seemed to dim on Greg's athletic dreams, a new dawn beckoned.

Where one door closed, a window opened – into the world of coaching and mentorship. Here, Greg found his true calling, not just guiding athletes in their physical prowess but also in sculpting resilient minds and indomitable spirits.

His journey transformed, from the fields of competition to the arenas of personal development.

Each challenge he faced became a stepping stone, forging a path for others to follow.

What can we learn from Greg?

Is it about never giving up or something more?

It's about the power of a mindset that sees beyond failure. When Greg speaks of his journey, it's not just an athlete's tale.

It's a metaphor for life's struggles, for finding that inner strength even when the odds are against you.

So, ask yourself, are you ready to embrace the grind like Greg?

To see beyond the setbacks and carve a path forward? This isn't just about fitness or sports; it's about life's larger game.

Check out today’s episode and realize failure isn’t real, it is what you make of it.




What You Will Learn from This Episode:

From the episode with Greg Walls on "Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous," the viewers can learn several key lessons:

  • Translating Athletic Discipline to Business: How the lessons from sports, like discipline and teamwork, can be foundational for business success

  • Understanding Roles in Business: The importance of recognizing what you can and cannot do in a business setting, similar to playing specific roles in sports.

  • Embracing Failure as a Lesson: Learning from failures in sports and business, and understanding that failure is a part of the journey to success.

  • Value of Listening and Learning: The importance of listening to others with experience and learning from them, rather than trying to figure out everything on your own

  • Being Multi-faceted in Early Business Stages: In the early stages of business, you might need to play multiple roles before finding the right team to grow.

  • Impact of Family and Education: The role of family and education in shaping one's awareness and approach to life's challenges.

  • Building a Team with Shared Values: The need for a team that shares your business's culture and values for successful outcomes.

  • Power of Reflection and Thinking:The significance of taking time to think and reflect, which can lead to powerful insights and decisions.

  • Moving Forward and Not Dwelling on the Past:The importance of progressing in life, especially after experiencing setbacks or failures.

  • Diverse Experience in Business:The journey of running a business, training various individuals, and the lessons learned from these experiences.

  • Focusing on Your Strengths in Business: Identifying your core strength in business and focusing on it, akin to playing a specific position in sports.

  • Early Experiences with Failure: The necessity of experiencing failure early in life to build resilience and understanding.

  • Honesty and Self-awareness: The importance of being honest with oneself and acknowledging one's true desires and capabilities.

  • Persistence and Daily Accountability: The critical role of persistence and maintaining daily accountability in achieving success.

  • Accountability and Teamwork in Business: The need for a reliable team in business where each member fulfills their commitments, akin to a sports team.

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