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# | Patrick Mork

# | Patrick Mork

Embrace Change, Pursue Purpose, and Build Authentic Connections for Success

Hey BAPL Nation, Keith here.

Patrick Mork is a Silicon Valley veteran and Purpose Driven Leadership Coach. His journey from leading the marketing team behind Google Play’s launch in 2012 to reinventing himself as a coach for high-level business leaders in the US and Chile is an amazing narrative of pivoting in the pursuit of meaning and purpose.

Why Watch This Interview?

Patrick’s story is one of courage to find his Next despite all the noise that was buzzing around him at the time. If you’re at a crossroads, contemplating a significant change—whether by choice or because your sports career has ended or, like patrick, you got fired—you want to tune into this interview.

It’s going to give you that push you need to connect with yourself again and find what can bring you meaning after a major life transition.

If life’s unpredictable twists and turns are getting you down or you’re not sure who that person in the mirror is anymore, Patrick’s insights are going to help you embrace change and find fulfillment beyond the conventional thinking of what it means to be successful.

Key Talking Points

The Journey of Transformation

  • From Silicon Valley to Leadership Coaching: Patrick shares his experience transitioning from a tech executive to a leadership coach. For most humans, change sucks. We don’t trust the unfamiliar paths and when we’re forced to take them, it can cause mental havoc.

    Patrick’s ethos is to embrace change instead of avoiding it. As the opening quote in his book, ‘Step Back and LEAP’ reads:

    “Change is the only constant in life.”


    It’s true. The only thing we can be 100% sure of is change. And Patrick’s story is a testament of the positive results that occur when we accept and embrace change.

  • The Art of Building and Maintaining Connections: Learn about Patrick’s approach to forging authentic connections across different stages of his career and life, a skill crucial for both personal and professional growth.

  • Navigating Personal and Professional Crossroads: Patrick delves into the challenges and rewards of making significant life changes, offering valuable insights for anyone facing similar decisions.

The Essence of Authentic Leadership

  • Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Patrick discusses the importance of empathy, active listening, and authentic communication in effective leadership, drawing on his experiences in Silicon Valley.

  • Creating Impactful Brands and Products: Gain insights into the creative process and strategic thinking behind launching and managing globally recognized brands like Google Play.

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Key Takeaways

  • Embracing Change as a Path to Fulfillment: Patrick’s journey is a powerful example of how embracing change can lead to discovering yourself and finding purpose and passion beyond what you’ve been doing for the biggest part of your life.

  • The Importance of Authenticity and Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and nurturing these factors can significantly enhance your personal and professional relationships.

  • Learning from Failures and Challenges: Patrick’s experiences offer valuable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and the continuous pursuit of growth and learning.

Watch this Live in the Lab session for an enlightening conversation that can set you on a path to a purpose-driven life.

Until next time, stay motivated to find your Next. And if you need help to figure it out, join BAPL by subscribing to our newsletter or sending me a DM on LinkedIn X @keithbilous.

I’m Keith Bilous, your host at the Business Athlete Performance Lab, where we help business leaders and retired athletes find their Next.

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