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Don't Mess Up Your CRM: Essential Tips

The Game-Changing Guide to CRMs | MICHAEL MARTIN HUDLOW | Episode #126

Hey, BAPL Nation!

Recently, the “CRM Commander”, Michael Hudlow, joined me in the Lab to talk Customer Relationship Management systems. If you've ever wrestled with spreadsheets or felt like you're juggling too many client interactions without a net, this post is your lifeline.

Why You Can’t Ignore CRM Systems Anymore

A CRM system is like the perfect assistant—it never takes a break and never misses a thing. It's designed to ensure no customer gets overlooked and every lead gets the attention it needs. But as Michael explained, it's not just about having a CRM; it's about using it the right way.

The Real Cost of Having a CRM System

Michael brought up a point every cost-conscious entrepreneur should hear: the real cost of a CRM isn't just the subscription fee—it's the effort and consistency it takes to make it work. "It's about showing up every single day," he said, which aligns perfectly with our approach here in the Lab.

CRM Tips from the CRM Commander

  1. Ownership is key: Assign someone to lead your CRM efforts. This person doesn't just manage the data—they make sure everyone is using the system correctly.

  2. Integration over isolation: Your CRM should blend into your daily operations. It should be as natural as breathing.

  3. Data drives decisions: With a well-managed CRM, you're not guessing about customer needs or sales trends. You can see them coming and act in advance.

Making CRM Work for You

Here's your challenge for the week: If you have a CRM, take a look at how you're using it. Is it a must-have tool or just a pricey digital Rolodex? If you don't have one, start thinking about how a CRM could change the way you interact with customers.

As Michael said, “the first step is the hardest, but it’s also the most crucial.” Take that step and turn your business relationships into a well-oiled machine.


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