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Kung Fu Curiosity with Craig Cooke

Talking Kung Fu Fighting | Episode #85 | Craig Cooke

BAPL Nation,

Just off the mic with Craig Cooke on Live in the Lab, and wow, did we dive deep.

Here's what unfolded:

  • From Passion to Purpose: Craigs's journey from a music enthusiast to mastering Qigong is a testament to following your fire. Whether it's strumming the guitar or harnessing energy, it's all about what fuels you.

  • Embracing Change: Craigs shared how leaving a successful digital agency to explore new realms wasn't just a career shift but a life transformation. It's about finding your "next" and diving in headfirst.

  • Lifelong Learning: From shredding tunes to energy healing, Craig's path is a vivid reminder that our growth lies in our curiosity. Every skill, every art form, enriches our journey.

  • The Power of Accountability: Craig emphasized owning your actions and the impact of standing by your decisions. It's about integrity, in business and in life, leading by example.

  • The Soulful Rhythm of Music: Music isn't just background noise; it's the heartbeat of creativity and expression. Craigs musical roots remind us that whatever our "music" is, it's vital to our spirit.

Chris's story is a symphony of change, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of what truly matters.

Ever made a bold pivot that reshaped your path?

Share your tale below. Let's turn our stories into beacons for others.

Til tomorrow,



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