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Redefining the Digital Frontier for Gen Z and Beyond | SAM OBLETZ | Episode #118

Hey, Business Athlete Nation.

You know what I love about Live in the Lab? The interesting and amazing humans I get to meet every single day. Recently, I met Sam Obletz, the brain behind

Ever wondered how our online actions connect with actual rewards? Well, Sam's got answers. We're talking Gen Z, owning your digital space, and how the internet's playing field is changing. Get ready to see your online world in a whole new light.

Introducing isn't just an app; it's a revolution in how we perceive and interact in the digital world. Sam and his co-founder tapped into something groundbreaking—leveraging the power of digital moments to create real-world experiences and rewards. Imagine the thrill of digital treasure hunts that lead to tangible rewards, all while fostering community and connectivity. That's in a nutshell.

Breaking Down the Digital Barrier

Sam shared his path from Harvard to pioneering in digital innovation, focusing on's goal: to turn digital ownership into a tangible reality. In a world valuing digital actions as much as physical ones, aims to redefine how brands and consumers connect online, offering a new way for engagement.

Understanding Gen Z

Sam explored Gen Z's mindset, highlighting their distinct values and digital habits. This generation prioritizes authenticity, social connections, and genuine experiences over mere online chatter. For them, the digital world is a platform for engagement and significant exchanges, not just content consumption.

Challenges and Triumphs

The journey of has been marked by technical achievements and deep questions about digital ownership and tech ethics. This part of our conversation offered insights into the complexities of innovating with integrity in today's digital world.

Are you coming?

As we wrapped up the episode, the message was unmistakable: the era of advanced digital engagement and ownership has arrived, and it's ours to adopt. Whether you're a brand aiming to resonate with Gen Z or someone navigating the digital expanse, is your peek into a future where online and offline experiences blend seamlessly.

In an era increasingly shaped by digital interactions, Sam Obletz's vision with is more than just pioneering; it's crucial. It celebrates technology's role in uniting us, sparking joy, and fostering connections within the digital divide.

So dive deep, stay connected, and remember—the future isn't just handed to us; we actively create it every day.


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