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Building a Travel Business in 2024

Thriving in today's travel world| Lindsey Epperly | Episode #106

“Who starts and successfully builds a travel business in 2024?”

I asked Lindsey Epperly when she joined me in the Lab recently.

Join me as I pull back the curtain on a conversation that sparked a ton of insights and got me thinking—just the way we like it in the Lab.

Leadership Is Not a Solo Journey

Lindsey is an expert in the travel world, and she’s redefining leadership in the industry. She pulled me into the fascinating world of steering a travel business in today's dynamic environment as she shared her journey of building a successful enterprise.

The lesson that stood out? Leadership is never a solo act. It's about collaboration, facing vulnerabilities, and leveraging collective strengths.

Travel's New Age: Personal Touch in a Digital World

In a time when digital convenience is king, Lindsey is bringing back the human touch to travel planning. Despite the allure of instant online bookings, there's a growing crave for personalized experiences, proving that the essence of travel planning isn't just about transactions but about understanding human desires and ensuring memorable journeys. The success of Lindsey's business, which thrives on personal connections, teaches an important business lesson: innovation combined with genuine human engagement is unstoppable.

Entrepreneurship: The Continuous Evolution

Entrepreneurship is always changing and moving with the times, and Lindsey's story is a brilliant illustration of this. It's about adapting, continually learning, and embracing the journey, with all its challenges and wins along the way. She unapologetically dismisses the notion of overnight success, highlighting that the path of an entrepreneur is a continuous evolution, a series of calculated risks, and unyielding passion.

If you need inspiration to keep you accountable to your entrepreneurial goals, you’re going to love my conversation with Lindsey.

Wrapping Up

My chat with Lindsey reinforced the ethos we cherish here in the Lab—challenging the status quo, fostering genuine connections, and pursuing growth relentlessly.

As we gear up for more live sessions, engaging discussions, and thought-provoking insights, remember, the Lab is where we question, learn, and grow as humans.



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